BizTalk - Inner Relief, Emotional Enrichment & Reiki

Date: 24 August 2018 (Friday)

Time: 11.30am - 12.30pm

Venue: LG, Block C, sains@usm, No 10, Persiaran Bukit Jambul, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang



What is STRESS? Is stress manipulating and controlling your daily life? This course is designed to help you to recognize stress and how to deal with stress. This will enhance your daily life and allow  you to enjoy a happier and brighter lifestyle.


Understanding your emotions will benefit you in dealing with challenges in your life. This course is designed to help you to understand emotions, the fluctuations of the emotions within yourself. It also coaches you to learn to accept your emotions and release it wisely.


It is associated to energy healing. Originated from Dr Miyako Usui in Japan. Reiki practitioner are able to use their palm to perform healing session after being attuned by the Reiki Master. This energy healing session is the simplest and easy to learn and to perform.


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