Plasma Technology and Application

Date: 26 - 27 Oct 2017 (Thurs & Fri)

Time: 9am - 5pm

Venue: sains@usm, Persiaran Bukit Jambul, Bayan Lepas, Penang


Plasma, as one of the four states of matter, is an extremely important processing technology that has been adopted by various industries to modify properties of an engineering-material surface. Depending on well-controlled parameters (gas species, pressure, temperature, energy, and reactor orientation), plasma-supported technologies can be used

1) to activate a surface for better adhesion

2) to etch and clean a surface for subsequent usage

3) to drive intended ion through diffusion or implantation into a specific depth on a surface

4) to deposit thin film or coating on a surface

There are many direct and indirect factors that may influence plasma-surface interaction and reaction process. In order to comprehend the effectiveness of plasma treatment on a surface, three main areas need to be understood; namely

1) surface science

2) plasma technology

3) characterization of plasma treated surface

In this training, an overview of the behaviour of a surface will be elaborated. Important factors related to wettability and adhesion of surfaces will be presented. Within the scope of plasma technology, techniques to generate, sustain, diagnose, and apply plasma for a specific application with a material system will be discussed in detail and correlated with plasma science. Practical approach to identify important processing parameters that may control plasma output, such as plasma density, and subsequently affecting the quality of surfaces will be presented. The possible mechanisms that may cause “degradation” of plasma-treated surface over a period of time will be highlighted and consequences of this “degradation” relates to reliability of an engineering product will be established. This training will be ended by introducing appropriate characterization techniques used to quantify and qualify plasma-treated surfaces.

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