Designing of Engineering Experiments

Date: 29 - 30 March 2017

Time: 9am - 5pm

Venue: Kompleks ЄUREKA, USM, Penang

Course Synopsys

The characteristic of surface and near-surface regions of materials can be characterised by various surface analysis techniques. Applications of many engineering materials are determined by the surface and near-surface structures. Therefore, well-being of this region is essential in order to obtain a pre-required condition for those materials to be applied for a specific application. Typically, failure of engineering products may be traced back to surface/near-surface contamination or surface reconstruction. In order to obtain more information related to the failure, in-sight of these regions need to be exposed. This course is outlined to introduce basic principles of surface science, which serve as an essential foundation to explain the operation concepts and applications of several important surface analysis techniques. Know-how of interpreting the analysis data is also explained in this “easy-to-follow” and “easy-to-understand” training course. With these and the support of brief but sufficient theories of fundamental, skill of selecting a relevant technique with respect to its practical engineering usage will be covered. Ultimate goal for this course is to increase level of knowledge in making a correct technical decision to solve surface related issues and transform knowledge into applications

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