Areas covered by this Unit include:

  • Engineering
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Documentary Filming
  • Hospital Management
  • Safety Management
  • Research and Marketing Management
  • Telecommunication
  • Architectural & Planning related areas
  • IT/ICT Management
  • Socio-Economic Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Marine Management
  • Food Technology
  • Culture, Arts & Handicrafts Management
Recognized nationwide, USAINS is a registered consultant with a myriad of government agencies and government-linked companies including the Ministry of Finance, FINAS, Kastam & Eksais Di Raja Malaysia, the Ministry of Education, TNB Research Sdn Bhd, Petronas, and TM Research & Development. Our services are also accessible to private companies such as multinational corporations as well as small and medium industries.

A Multidisciplinary Platform for a Multitude of Solutions

Backed by USM’s cutting edge scientific and research facilities as well as its network of commercial, industrial and public sector experts, USAINS offers corporations and entrepreneurs a diverse mix of multidisciplinary solutions covering:

  • Consultancy & Advisory
  • Human Resources & Talent Resourcing)
  • Collaborative Research & Innovation
  • Scientific Analytical Activities
  • Education and Talent Development
  • Matchmaking Program for R & I Product & Services
  • Productization & Technology Licensing
  • Documentary Filming
  • Executive Healthcare, Private Medical & Clinical Services
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

A Solid Track Record

Our results speak for themselves. Since 2000, USAINS has completed over 900 contract research and consultancy projects in a broad spectrum of specializations. Some of the completed projects are in the following categories:.

  • Traffic Impact Assessment for housing and commercial companies
  • Social Impact Study on policy initiatives by Federal Government Agency
  • Conservation and Restoration Consultancy for heritage sites
  • Satisfaction and Branding Survey for municipal authority department
  • Storm Water Management and Drainage Master Plan Study
  • Research and Development for improving process engineering in agricultural industry
  • Industrial Need Assessment for Electrical and Electronics (E&E)
  • Performance Measurement Study for Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Health Impact Evaluation and Comparative Study on the use of pesticide in Malaysia and other countries.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Study for a utility company.